Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

As the use of Trusted Computing expands beyond PCs and other conventional information systems to embedded systems of all sorts, the Embedded Systems Work Group provides the expert guidance needed. Early successes include digital copiers and printers, kiosks, gaming systems, and industrial systems. More recent application domains include automotive, network equipment, and IoT.

Embedded systems vary widely but they all need good security. Therefore, each embedded systems domain (automotive, hard copy, etc.) must be analyzed to determine which Trusted Computing technologies apply. The Embedded Systems Work Group forms a Sub Group including domain experts (e.g., printer experts) to identify threats, appropriate countermeasures, and special challenges. Domain-specific guidance is published and special challenges are addressed.

Steve Hanna

Senior Principal, Infineon Technologies; Work Group Co-Chair

Steve Hanna is a Senior Principal at Infineon Technologies. He is co-chair of the Embedded Systems Work Group in the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and a member of the Security Area Directorate in the Internet Engineering Task Force. Hanna also serves as the liaison from the TCG to the Industrial Internet Consortium. He is the author of several IETF and TCG standards and published papers, an inventor or co-inventor on 43 issued U.S. patents, and a regular speaker at industry events. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Seigo Kotani

Principal Expert, Fujitsu; Work Group Co-Chair

Dr. Seigo Kotani is the Principal Expert for the Mobility IoT Division at Fujitsu Limited. Dr. Kotani joined Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. in 1982 and conducted research on superconductivity and LSI devices, including cryptographic chips and authored numerous papers. In 2001, he transitioned to Fujitsu Ltd. and led the research and business development of security devices, systems and services including DRM, TCPA/TCG, biometrics, time-stamps, secure storage and secure network infrastructure. Read more…


Resource Name
TCG TPM 2.0 Automotive Thin Profile For TPM Family 2.0; Level 0
TCG Guidance for Securing Network Equipment
Establishing Network Equipment Security
Secure Embedded Platforms with Trusted Computing: Automotive and Other Systems in the Internet of Things Must Be Protected
TCG Guidance for Securing Resource- Constrained Devices